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TourHunter sincerely respects the privacy of all its users, and is totally dedicated to protect their personal information and use it properly. This policy describes ho we may collect, use and protect this personal information, and the rights and options acessible to our users regarding such information.


TourHunter collects supplier, consumer, agents and reseller information from parties and entities interested in the utilization of her services. This information is subdivided into six areas as shown below.

  • Personal information to grant you access to our services. We require details, including your name, age, gender, address, telephone number, email, domain name, your primary and secondary contacts and credit card details in case you are paying online at signing up with TourHunter and/ or inquiring about our services. At the same time, for staff training purposes and continued improved service to you, voice conversations are often monitored and/or recorded.
  • Nonpersonal information; The statistics gathering software on TourHunter website collects nonpersonal identifying information including the IP address of the visitor and records the number of visitors on our website. The site also uses cookies to store user preference information and collect session id’s. Cookies are harmless as they expire the moment a user signs out of our website. You can choose to disable cookies on your internet browser. However, in so doing, the functionality of the website will be negatively affected thus limiting your user experience. The information gathered here is useful for performance and technical structure improvement as we also get to know the most popular areas of our website.
  • Demographic information. TourHunter often carries out surveys where we request our clients to voluntarily interact with us concerning our products and services. We use the feedback for improvement purposes to continually satisfy our clients.
  • Personal information from TourHunter hosted websites. Any website hosted by TourHunter automatically transfers her information to our server. This means that we can access any personal information voluntarily or otherwise submitted to them. However, TourHunter does not use nor release such confidential information in any manner unless it's required by law.
  • Consumer information. Based on her service provision policy, TourHunter may collect consumer related information such as their identity, booking details and any other transactional information as may be required.
  • Agent and reseller information. This includes personal and transaction information relating to the provision of TourHunter services for the purpose of tracking each agent or reseller’s progress in selling products and services on our website.

Any information in addition to all the above that TourHunter may collect from you is hereafter considered to be your “personal information”.

Use of your Personal Information

When you choose to use our Marketplace, TourHunter will use your personal information to effectively and efficiently serve you with sales support, give you technical support, give you billing and credit control information. We will also avail new product upgrades and you will be able to easily navigate our website. This information helps us deliver our services to you accordingly.

When you sign up for or TourHunter services or enquire about our services we may request you to consent to receive our promotional material. In case you accept, we use your personal information to get it across to you. In the promotional email, you'll receive from TourHunter are specific instructions for you to follow in case you need to "opt out" or stop receiving promotional material from us.

We may also use your personal information when:

  • There are newsletters, surveys, individual service audits, special offers and service upgrades that we need to inform you about. We may in confidence contact third parties and grant them access to your personal information to serve you on our behalf. They sign an NDA (non-disclosure agreement) to protect your personal information as much as we do at TourHunter.
  • TourHunter notices new customers and needs to identify them.
  • Monitoring feedback, addressing complaints and resolving disputes.
  • Billing you for her services using your credit card information.
  • Verifying your identity in the case of ABNs.
  • Allocating prospective customers to the right professionals with the desired specialities for instance IT professionals.
  • Filing and maintaining a history of your technical and account activities on our platform. We use your personal information to reactivate your account when you rejoin within 12 months of terminating your account with us.
  • Observing your absolute compliance with our site policies, terms and conditions as stipulated and agreed.
  • When reporting and meeting our obligations to third party licensors on our platform, for instance, reporting the number of resellers and the product licenses awarded to them on the TourHunter platform.

For entities using the TourHunter marketplace, we may release your personal information for effective and efficient transactional purposes and to grant you access to our services. For instance, when you need to issue vouchers to consumers when they make their booking for your products on our platform.

Personal information may be given to agents and resellers to determine and track their commissions earned whenever they sell a product or service on TourHunter.

At TourHunter, all supplier, agent, reseller and consumer information is strictly confidential. It's not to be revealed, sold, distributed, rented or leased out to third parties except for our suppliers and those contracted by us without your direct personal consent.

However, TourHunter has explicit authority to release your personal information without your consent and without notifying you in the following circumstances.

  • When it's a requirement by law for us to abide by it in good faith as a code of conduct for our successful business operation.
  • When TourHunter needs to protect and defend her property and rights.
  • When we honestly perceive that the disclosure of such information to another party will enhance the efficiency of products and services offered on our platform.
  • When it's mandatory for us to execute the terms of contracts enacted between TourHunter and you.
  • When such information is required by entities such as licensed collections service providers, CRM service providers, and processing of credit card payments that adhere to the terms and conditions of our security and privacy policies.
  • When we completely or partly sell TourHunter.
  • When we need to personally protect our business, our website, staff, users of our services and the public from extreme threats.

Security of your Personal Information

The TourHunter database has inbuilt security features to avoid unauthorized access to your personal information. Such information in our database, including credit card information is secured by SSL encryption technology by up to 128bits for maximum confidentiality purposes. We thereafter deploy our servers to a PCI DSS Level 1 compliant provider with a certified platform for storage, processing, and transmission of such information safely.

The staff (employees and contractors) that access your personal information for the purpose of fulfilling their duties and serve you effectively are bound by the security policy to keep information confidential. However, TourHunter cannot promise 100% security of your information against unauthorized access given the fact that technology and the internet change every now and then as much as we do our best to control and secure our servers. It is important to note that we are not liable for events arising from unauthorized access to your personal information on our website.

Other Disclosure By You

All information disclosed by users of TourHunter website through social networks including chat, newsgroups, message boards and email correspondence is public and accessible by anyone using our website. Therefore you should never disclose sensitive information such as passwords to any third party as our privacy protection policy does not cover such information and you will be liable for any actions taken by third parties on your behalf in case your password has been compromised. For the safety of your information, change your password more often.

You have the right to access your personal information on our server and when you retrieve such information, TourHunter is not liable for whatever you do with that information. you are obliged to observe and maintain the data privacy policy as you profitably utilize our services.

Accessing Your Personal Information

Your username and password are a key requirement whenever you as a user of TourHunter website and services need to make any changes in your personal information stored on our secure server.

In the case of verification via a voice call, personal information will be released to you after you answer some security questions.

Children’s Privacy

In our acceptable use policy, we address the issue of legal rights in relation to children and the internet; please read it carefully and understand that TourHunter does not use information from children, neither gather nor knowingly send out information to children as their target market.


Kindly contact our privacy officer at in the case of any complaints about our privacy policy for an immediate solution. If the results are not satisfactory, TourHunter may refer your complaint to the privacy commissioner.

Statement of Ownership

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